Frostworld | Christmas Quest Part 1

Revisit Christmas events past in Frostworld, this year's holiday quest. Play the first part today, and look out for the finale later in the month.Buy cheap RuneScape gold!



How to Start:Enter a Christmas portal in Burthorpe, Lumbridge, Varrock or Prifddinas.

Once you've entered the portal and reached the Frostworld hub, speak to Santa to find out what needs to be done.

You'll have the opportunity to visit Christmas events past, picking up rewards you might have missed over the years, or just enjoying some good old nostalgia.

Do as Santa asks and you'll earn some festive new rewards, too – including a weapon and shield override, an emote, and skilling methods unlocked for the duration of the holiday event.

Those of you familiar with the past events may notice something slightly amiss. Come back for part 2 in a fortnight's time and find out what's up!


The Festive Aura's back in business, bringing a heart-warming XP boost to all RuneScape members for the month of December.

Activate it daily for a half-hour, 50% XP boost (up to a cap of 50,000 XP earned), as well as a very festive cosmetic effect.

Pick it up from your bank today, or speak to Xuan in Burthorpe or Varrock if you've misplaced it.


Be sure to open your Advent Calendar each day, and make the most of the Winter Weekends throughout December. Have a very merry week in game!



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